Tepig Pulled Pork Tacos (Pokémon)

Prep time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 10 hours
Notes: pairs well with Cherubi wine

So, you must be thinking, “How evil could a person be that they would want to kill and eat a Pokémon?” but hear me out, imagine how good a perfectly golden brown pulled pork taco made of a tender Tepig would taste. Because it’s a fire type it would likely have a nice and smoky flavour, even if you didn’t put the pork into the smoker. How ethical would it be? Why does that matter? It’ll taste good. Besides, it’s not like Tepig is endangered, it’s just a pig.

-2kg Tepig shoulder
-2 ½ teaspoons of pulverised Nacli
-1 teaspoon of ground Capsakid teeth
-1 diced onion
-1 decapitated Scovillain head
-4 cloves from a Bulbasaur bulb
-3/4 cup Sitrus berry juice

-1 tablespoon dried oregano
-2 teaspoons ground bitter berry
-1 tablespoon Smoliv oil

Begin by cleaning the Tepig shoulder and rub all over with the pulverized Nacli and ground Capsakid teeth.
Combine the oregano, ground bitter berry, and Smoliv oil, then rub the mixture on the Tepig shoulder.
Place the Tepig shoulder in a Rotom Heat slow cooker, fat cap side up, top with the Scovillain head, onion, and Bulbasaur bulb. Pour the Sitrus berry juice over it.
Slow cook on low for 10 hours or high for 7.
Remove the Tepig shoulder from the slow cooker and wait for it to cool.
Shred the Tepig shoulder.
Reduce the Tepig juices in the slow cooker down to about two cups, set it aside for later.

To Crisp
Heat a tablespoon of oil (I recommend rendered Snorlax fat) over a non-stick pan or well-seasoned skillet. Spread the Tepig in the pan and drizzle over the Tepig juices. Wait until the juices have evaporated and the bottom side is crispy and golden brown, flip over and give the other side a quick sear.
Remove the Tepig from the skillet and repeat in batches.
Just before serving, drizzle the Tepig with more juices and serve hot, stuffed in tacos.

How to Assemble the Taco

 -Shredded Miltank cheese (recipe for Miltank Queso Fresco)
-Sour cream
-Scovillain Salsa
-Sliced Sitrus berry

Place the tortilla down, then layer in the Tepig pork, top the Tepig pork with Scovillain Salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and shredded Miltank cheese.

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