Warfare Unleashed: A comprehensive review of Arma 3

Arma is one of those games that never gets boring. Even with multiple instalments over Bohemia’s history, the game remains fun. It is also one of the most realistic military simulators I have ever played, and with constant updates that keep the fans playing, it seems like the Arma franchise will never die!

Arma is a relatively large title with games spanning across the internet, especially Arma 3.

Arma 3 is still alive to this day despite it being released on September 12, 2013, but that doesn’t stop it from being a load of fun! From servers filled with friendly people to modded servers made by the community using mods also made by the community, Arma 3 and all its earlier titles are a blast that you won’t regret playing anytime soon. 

A deep dive into the studio behind Arma 3

In 2001, Bohemia made Arma: Cold War Crisis, which left an impact on millions of gamers around the world. It was the first game of a very long franchise. Arma was released in 2006, then after Arma 2 and etc; up until Arma 2 and 3, Arma 2 paved the way for DayZ; Arma 3 has been in the gaming scene for a while (over a decade!). During that time, Bohemia made a perfectly crafted beautiful game that has realistic bullet physics like bullet drop, penetration of materiel, ricochet, and so much more. Arma 3 is one of the most advanced mil-sim games I have ever played.

Meanwhile, while Arma 3 was popping off, Bohemia was working on something special, something great it is ……. VIGOR! Vigor is like a mini DayZ with just about the same aspects and goals, but Vigor is more in-depth. It has more character customisation, and then it flopped; it wasn’t as good as DayZ or any other of Bohemia’s games, but all that matters is if you have fun in a game; games are about fun, not being mad and hating it, JK! I don’t care. Anyway, I’m going to end this here because I got to PLAY ARMA 3, BABY WOOOO, HELL YEAH BROTHER.

Personal Thoughts

I have been a long-time fan of Bohemia and its games, but over the years of playing Bohemia games, it has lost its flare a little with me; I find myself playing less and less Arma. I predict it may die out soon unless the modding community steps on the gas pedal and makes it to the finish line before Bohemia because Arma Reforger was released two years ago. I’m afraid that Bohemia might work on that more and slow the updates on Arma 3. Hopefully, Bohemia will make the right choice and will not go in the same direction as Activision.

Image: Bohemia Interactive

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