From Zero to Hilarious: The Rapid Rise of Content Warning as the New Sensation.

Content Warning was released 2 hours ago (as of April 1st, 2024), and it’s SUPER!!

There are plenty of funny moments with friends and plenty of spooky ones as well.

Content Warning is like Lethal Company if you were a YouTuber, you could go from screaming to laughing right back to screaming after you see a weird looking Italian meatball running at you that also summons clones of itself, and that’s not even the end. I’m not 100% sure how many monsters there are in this game since I have only ever reached the second quota (as I’m writing this).

I’ve only ever seen one recurring monster, and that’s Whisk Man (if you wanna know what he looks like, you have to buy the game since there are no results for him yet). The whisk man is a “special little guy”, but he’s our special little guy, whisk man only really does two things, he either runs at you while making noises with his whisks, or he just waddles away.

Content Warning has been having lots of problems after its release (I’m not hating. It’s just what happens with new games), such as issues with hosting online games, not being able to open the game, field of view going to the maximum randomly and the game getting data breached just 2 hours after release because they didn’t have a secure server ready yet since they were working on other things like bug fixes.

They have fixed most of the bugs and problems. They also managed to fix the data breach and made the game free for 24 hours due to their technical difficulties (The period might be over by the time this article comes out); after the free period is over, the game will be $12.66AUD, (7.99 USD), so, it’s still pretty cheap for most games today.

I have been having a blast in Content Warning, playing with randoms is like playing with long time friends, the dynamic voice chat makes it even funnier, the game has plenty of ragdolls since its a LandFall Studios game which made games like TABG, TABZ, TABS, and also Rounds, as well as Stick Fight The Game. This game has a great future ahead of it and plenty more to come.

And remember, folks, if you ever see something scary, don’t run away! pull out your camera and record that little guy, upload it to SpöökTube and watch the views roll in, also after you record you can put it on a disk and watch it on the tv to see what you managed to capture on camera and you can even save the video to your desktop if you want to keep it as a permanent file to watch back and have a little chuckle at what happened during that recording.

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