How games change in different countries

Image: Valve

A first or third -person game made by companies.  Most gamers are fully aware of what they are getting into when they decide to play. They eagerly enjoy blasting fellow players or driving a car in the virtual world. while violence in a virtual world is typically no problem, some counties take issue with violence in video games the first one is Team Fortress (tf2). 

Germany made Valve change how the characters die, instead of blood and gore when characters are killed, mechanical parts are shown to lower the violence in the game why did this happen because of the orange box? The orange box is a video game compilation containing five-game developed by Valve. They did because they were worried that the wrong person would see it.  

Image: Stainless Games

Britain has also made Stainless game changes how people die in the game was called Carmageddon, a game where you drive a car and the main goal is to win the race but players can engage in all sorts of violent behaviour to gain bonuses and points could be earned by taking out other races down or running over people Carmageddon has lots of violence it understandable that people will take some issue about the violence but the developers were going for an R rated game so they can keep the violence how it was, but unfortunately Britain was not having it they would not rate at all if they did not change the violence. They ended up changing the people to robots and zombies so the blood coming out was now oil and green which reduced the violence. 

I think people that did not develop a game should not have the right to change the game. I feel like it should stay the same how the creators want it to be.  

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