Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a next generation open world game created by ‘Rockstar Games’ with immersive environments spanning from dry deserts to boisterous cities, and an epic story of frantic outlaws trying to survive in the modern world. 1899 was a time of change.   

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You play as Arthur Morgan, a notorious outlaw adopted at 10 years old by Dutch Van Der Linde, leader of the Van Der Linde gang. Arthur has deep respect and honour for his gang and its members, he often thinks of the gang as family. During the game the player will also come to grow fond of the gang and Arthur’s companions.   

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The game is pretty slow paced;  you get given your own horse near the start of the game, which is your main source of travel, but you are also introduced to a variety of vehicles like stagecoaches, wagons, and boats. You can even take a train from a train station to any available town on the map. Your horse stays with you the entire game (unless it dies);  you’ll also need to provide for your horse. The game gives you options to feed and clean your horse to regen its health and stamina. You can also buy upgrades for your steed to make it faster and stronger. In story mode, you can have up to four horses at once.   

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This game is an action-adventure game. The main thing to do is play the campaign, but after the prologue you can free roam at any time. You are given a range of weapons and clothes at the start of the game, but you can buy more products at the nearest gun or general store in your area. You can find more accessories throughout the world, you’ll unlock more weapons and clothing by playing campaign missions and progressing through the game. You are able to change the clothing and loadout of your character at your camp, a shop, and even on your horse. You will also have to clean your guns when they get dirty, otherwise they will be less accurate and deal less damage.   

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 You play this game’s story mode through the perspective of Arthur Morgan, (I won’t be spoiling anything major about the story in this article so don’t worry). In the game you are given the option to change Arthur’s facial hair and hair styles. You can change his hair at a barber shop in certain towns. Arthur’s clothes or skin can get stained by mud or blood, but if that happens you can take a refreshing bath at many places in the world. If you can’t be bothered to do that just go for a swim in any lake or river and you’ll be clean. Arthur’s weight also affects the gameplay. If you eat too much Arthur will become overweight and have less stamina, but if you eat too little Arthur will become underweight and have less health.   

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The thing that makes this game unique is the honour bar. Throughout the games story you will need to make decisions: tough decisions that mainly determine your honour. You can gain or lose honour by your actions in free roam. You might find an NPC that needs help on the side of the road. By helping good people in the game you will gain honour and your honour bar will rise up, but if you make bad decisions your honour bar will go down.  

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Certain parts of Red Dead Redemption 2’s story will playout differently based on your honour level. You are introduced to several different endings and cutscenes based on your honour level.   

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is a fantastic game if you’re looking for a huge open world and compelling story to play. Even if you’re after something to make you feel like Django from a spaghetti western film, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the game for you.   

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