Speedrunner Beats Portal2 World Record, Here Is Their Crazy Run.

Speedrunning is a hobby where a person tries to beat a video game as fast as possible. All you need is a target thing to try to do fast, (eg. Beating the final level in a game, or getting all collectables) and a timer to track how fast you have done it. It’s a popular thing to do with hundreds of speedrunning communities engaging in getting the fastest time in their favourite game. 

The Portal 2 speedrun community has existed for quite a while, with its community still quite popular. People are still finding more strategies and improving their times. A speedrunner who goes by the name “Can’t Even” recently beat the Portal 2 world record with a time of 57:57.  

Image: Can’t Even

“Can’t Even” has been speedrunning Portal 2 ever since August 2017. He has owned multiple world records for Portal previously, and then chose to start speedrunning Portal 2 instead. He has held Portal 2 world records since then, and this is his newest run that he uploaded to Speedrun.com

They have played this game many times, and have mastered skipping dialogue scenes, long chambers and high climbs. “Can’t Even” is so good, the second fastest run by Msushi, is 20 seconds behind him meaning that he optimised the whole run to shave 20 seconds off the previous winning run. Only eight people in the world have gotten a time under an hour, according to speedrun.com’s statistics. 

Overall, big congratulations to him. It was a great run and I hope he does well in the future too. Speedrunning can be a hard thing to get into, and I congratulate him for getting such a fast run. If you would like to know more about this speedrun, visit “Can’t Even” on YouTube here, or check out speedrun.com here

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