Cooking simulator

Cooking sim is a game where you try to make food for customers. In sand box mode, you can cook steaks on the floor with a blowtorch and it is perfect medium rare. This game is special because you cook everything on the floor and explore things using gas canisters and a blowtorch. Also a gas canister can break almost everything.  

This game is like Overcooked, where you are frantically running around trying to serve food to people while maybe or maybe not setting the whole entire kitchen on fire and using a small, teeny, tiny fire extinguisher to put it out. 

Image: Big Cheese Studio & Forever Entertainment SA

To succeed in this game, you need to get enough fame points and money (by playing story mode and following the instruction) to buy more food, but in sand box you have unlimited money. 

This game is very fun especially when you play darts with knives or lag the game out with too many entities in one spot. Another fun thing is when people order a burger, but you give them mysterious soup (it includes pumpkin, bacon, sausage, tomato, banana, Cajun seasoning, lemon juice, lime juice, avocado juice, and milk then blend it up) and serve it. 

Floor food
Image: Big Cheese Studio & Forever Entertainment SA

The graphics of the game are very good on the Nintendo Switch. Everything behaves how it should, (mostly) and is a really fun game to pass time. The tools you use are very easily identified and you won’t be able to mix up pots and pans. 

Boom boom

Annoying things about this game is it takes forever to load, and the music is always weird. The microwave is way too loud, yet the oven is way too quiet. How to buy more stuff is a little confusing. what button you have to press, for example I have scrolled down to an item it was highlighted, but not selected then I clicked buy then I just got another blowtorch instead of a pot. 

Image: S Big Cheese Studio & Forever Entertainment SA

Overall, this game is really fun, it could have a few tweaks here and there, but it is definitely a good game. You could spend hours wasting your time on this game having lots of fun and enjoying it. That is why this game is one of the best cooking sims out there. 


  1. I remember watching Lets game it out play this, It was really funny, especially when he created an overly complicated domino contraption to cook a dish. or when he made a pizza that lagged the game.

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