Why does the Media blame videogames for violence?

Around 1964-1997, the media began to blame videogames for violence. One of the first accounts of this was in a game where you run over goblins and other gremlins, but they were apparently pedestrians. Now what does the media think they are doing?   

In the current economic and social crisis, video games are a form of relief and escape from current times. With this being said the media, despite all the tests and research done, still blame games for violence. Playing games help not just the young ones with some skills but it can actually help the older generations relax and enjoy the time they have left. 

Sometime in the past (in America obviously) a study was done with 2000 people. All were given a paper describing an atrocious act of violence. One half were given the exact same paper, but the suspect was an African American in this half above 85% said that it wasn’t videogames that caused the problem. In the other half 93% said the videogames were the cause and roughly 10% from both groups didn’t play videogames and all of them said that the act was caused by videogames. 

In the past the media has blamed all type of crimes on videogames. Some include, Battlefield and Black ops for mass shootings, GTA and other car games for hit and run and other car related crimes. It’s like saying people don’t commit crime their hands did or there brothers soul possessed them and then went on a killing streak. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s like saying playing with hot wheels causes car crashes or playing with water bombs and super soakers causes terrorism.  

In conclusion, the media blames video games on some horrific act of violence because they can’t find a better solution to the problem. Instead of saying the truth and revealing that it’s not videogames but it’s actually the persons that committed the crime who are mentally unwell or impaired.   


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