Rocket League Review

Image: Psyonix

Rocket League, as I’m sure we all know, is a game about cars that play soccer! Sometimes people do it in a stylish way, others just bluntly hit the ball in the direction it’s supposed to go, with no care in the world for elegance. Many people know about this brilliant game and the genius idea behind it.  

Rocket League is a competitive game, that’s a fact people can’t fight against, but it’s also a game you and your mates can hop on and have a fun time! The physics are just staggering with them being on point to real life! It kind of gives you a sense of relatability. It reassures you that to get better and become a pro you will have to understand physics and use them to your advantage. 

The training aspect of this game is one of the best I’ve ever seen in terms of customizing for your specific playstyle. Also, the number of tricks you can do in this game is huge! From custom tricks to tricks that were invented by pros or just your friends. Tricks are the best part of this game in my opinion. 

Now we’re moving into the pro leagues now with RLCX.  RLCX is a tournament full of the world’s best esports teams, like NRG and Space Station Gaming. Esports teams face off against each other to claim the title of world’s best in Rocket League history. 

Cars are a fundamental part of the game. Different cars have different hit boxes, make no mistake there’s only one car that fits your playstyles, so choose wisely.  If you want a recommendation, then I recommend the octane for beginners because of its shape and overall demeanor. This car kills in the beginning ranks. It really depends on the car you use in the game. 

Customization is a major aspect of the game. Sometimes players can use the customization to their advantage. One situation is where a player will colour their car based on the colour of the field, to hide from the enemy view until they strike, scoring or saving. It’s always one of the two. 


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