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The SCP (Secure Contain Protect) foundation was created in 2008, but there were other SCPs created before then.  SCP is a unique paranormal group that captures supernatural entities; after containing these creatures from humanity their supernatural traits are researched.

Below are facts about SCP and what they stand for:

  • SCPs are creatures that exist in video games and wikis, there are games made regularly and can be found by googling SCP games. It is a collaborative space where people can share articles about SCPs, this can range from an angry humanoid to a possessed object.    
  • Only six levels of keycards are known to exist (at least from what I know).  
  • Over 50000 SCPs exist on the wiki.
  • There are 5 official classes. Safe, Euclid, Keter, Thaumaleid and Apollyon.  Thaumaleid and Apollyon are rarely used, the most common classes are Safe, Euclid and Keter.  
  • SCP has sites all over the world, there’s one underwater and another on, the moon?
Image: Northwood Studios


D class are death row inmates imprisoned by the foundation; they are test subjects that are used for science tests on SCPs.

Staff Titles – General occupational titles used in the foundation.

Site Staff:

Containment Specialist – They keep control of the SCPs when they are in containment.

ResearcherTheir job is to understand SCPs by doing scientific tests.

Security Officer – Referred to simply as guards.

Tactical Response Officer- They are basically the military of the SCP foundation.  

Field Personnel:

Mobile Task Force Operative – Heavily armed combat units tasked to secure certain types of hostile anomalous entities.

Field Agent – The eyes and ears of the foundation.


Site Director – Site directors for major foundation facilities who turn in reports to the O5 council.                              

O5 Council Member – The 5 highest ranking directors of the foundation with complete access to all information regarding anomalies in containment.

The top 3 SCPs that are commonly known are the shy guy (096), The Sculpture (173), and Plague Doctor (049).

096 is a tall and naked white creature with disproportionately long arms and it does not like having its face directly seen in person or even with video footage – if you see his face, he will come and kill you, he won’t stop until your dead.

173 looks like a human version of a peanut and has red paint around its 4 eyes. If you don’t have direct eye contact with it or blink, it will snap your neck. 049 looks like an old medieval plague doctor. He has the ability to kill people just by touching them, he also says that the world’s pestilence can be cured by turning humans into zombies.

These aspects all make the SCP universe incredibly unique and interesting.

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