Why Do Online Gaming Communities Stop New Players From Joining? 

Although video game culture helps people’s mental health, there is a toxic side in online gaming communities. This article intends to help you understand toxicity in gaming and how to stop it in online communities.  

Toxic communities in gaming can prevent people from enjoying games as they normally would by stopping new players from joining and it slows community development. This exclusivity is harmful as people are gatekeeping certain games because they do not want people to rain on their culture. People will exclude others by harassing those who want to join the community.  Some examples of topics of harassment are race/ethnicity, religion, ability, gender, or sexual orientation.  

Image: Pexels

Blocking or stopping a player from joining a game is a form of bullying, but there are many other ways to reject others from game communities, such as gamers making fun of others or gamers going into communities and ruining it.  

It’s time for people to stop being toxic and to stop making it annoying for others in the gaming community.  


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