Minecraft Java vs Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft is a game made of blocks. In this game you can build a house in creative mode or fight mobs in survival mode. Are you good enough you can play in the hardest mode hardcore and if you die you lose everything.

Minecraft Java is an online game that only computer players can play, but it has lots of different game modes and servers that you can play on. Minecraft Bedrock is a cross-platform game with servers and different game modes, but the graphics are not as good as Java Edition.

Image: Mojang

Minecraft java has better graphics since its PC only. The game can have the best graphics as your PC can run. Java does this because everyone can run the same graphics whereas most bedrock players play on consoles where the graphics are not as good, so the pc players must have the same graphics and frames as the consoles. they do this so the computer players don’t have much of an advantage which means they had to balance out the graphics and fps, so it is fair.

Image: Mojang

There are two different games because Minecraft Java is owned by Mojang who the original maker of Minecraft is. Then Microsoft bought Minecraft and made a new game that everyone can play Microsoft made this game because before they bought Minecraft it was only a computer game and they wanted to make a fun game like Minecraft that everyone can play.

Image: Mojang

So, if you have a computer and want to play with better graphics or buy a server to play with your friends. You could also play on big servers and have lots of fun with your friends that play on the computer, then Minecraft Java is the one for you. If you have any console or play on computer and want to play with your friends for free and play on different servers with players that are on console, then Minecraft bedrock is the one you want to play.

Image: Mojang


  1. Informative Article, I find Minecraft Bedrock to be more buggy than the Java edition, but Bedrock has way more features, so I prefer it.

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