The Textorcist

Image: Morbidware

The Textorcist is about someone named ‘Ray Bibbia’ who is a priest that deals with monsters. For you to win against the monsters you have to type to win.  

Image: Morbieware

The Textorcist is special because it is the first game from ‘Morbidware’ that isn’t on ‘Newgrounds’. The Textorcist came out on the 14 of February 2019 but had a demo for the game in 2016. There are other games similar to The Textorcist, they are Enter The Gungeon, and Neon Abyss.

Image: Morbidware

There are only two difficulties. There is normal and there is hard which is reasonably to nearly impossible. When I played it myself it was hard to get use to the difficulty at first, but you get use to the boss’s pattern after you figure out how to beat them then it gets easier. 

You can buy The Textorcist on Steam, The Epic Games Launcher and Humble Bundle. The price for The Textorcist on Steam is AUD$21.50, the price for The Textorcist on The Epic Game’s  Launcher is AUD$20.99, and he price for The Textorcist on Humble Bundle is AUD$19.29.

I think The Textorcist is a good game. What I would do is make a difficulty for new players who don’t know how to play because when I first played it was hard because when I got to the first boss it was hard to find out what to do. With the price I think it should be cheaper because it’s Morbidware’s first game, and the story of the game is cool. I think Morbidware will make more really good games.


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