Overwatch’s Better Co-op: The Game Browser

Overwatch is a first-person shooter game that relies on teamwork and individual skill, alongside an understanding of character tech. Within Overwatch, there are a variety of game-modes. There is quickplay, where you play in a 6v6 single round match. Competitive, which is similar to quickplay, but is taken much more seriously and contains multiple rounds. The Arcade: a collection of officially produced alternate games by ‘Blizzard’, and the Game Browser: an area where individuals can host a game, customise it to a certain extent, and do almost whatever they want.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

There are a multitude of parkour games within the Game Browser, including many related to Doomfist tech, Lucio’s wall-riding speed, and even a game-mode where you play as Ana, but her normal abilities are replaced by mobility. There are some survival-based games, where you (alongside a few others) are trying to last as long as you can against AI, round after round. These game-modes are not dissimilar from Call of Duty: Black Ops’ official zombie game-mode.

A fan-favourite is called Infection. Each player chooses a character at the start of the game and must kill every other player. When killed, you become the same character as the one who killed you. The way to win is to make everyone the same character as you.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

But, perhaps the most favoured of all is called 1k Damage. There is no end to this game. You, alongside everyone else in the lobby, play through and kill each other over and over. Once you have dealt 1 thousand damage using a character, you switch to a new character. The only real goal is to be able to switch as fast as possible.

These are only a few games. There are many more fan-made game-modes tucked away in the Game Browser that I truly recommend you try out. Engaging with individual creators’ content is very important if you want to continue seeing these creative and unique game-modes.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Link codes to each custom game mentioned as well as some extra surprises:


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  1. Since I don’t play many actual Overwatch games I often find myself playing custom games. Glad someone wrote an article about how much fun they could be.

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