The Climb

The Climb: Platform VR Oculus Headsets 

The Climb is a short game approx. four hours of play from start to finish (not 100% complete) has a lot of replayability.  Easy, medium and hard climbs 

The Climb is a climbing game exclusive to the Oculus brand, which comes complete with a comprehensive tutorial. I found it to be an easy tutorial to follow. it gave me a good basis for how and what to do in the game. It helps you perfect the climbing mechanics. 

In the game, there are three mechanics that you must master 

  1. Stamina 
  1. Chalk 
  1. Jumping 

You need to watch and look after your stamina throughout the game.  The energy bar or stamina bar is located on the bottom of your arms.  As you climb throughout the level, your stamina will deplete, holding on to a ledge with both hands your stamina slowly recovers. If your stamina depletes fully you fall. 

Chalk helps you hold your grip and not fall. Chalk is useful but not necessary. Why I say it is not necessary is because I have played the games with and without chalk and I found the playthrough to be easier with chalk.  

My favorite mechanic is the jumping mechanic. this is vital in the game to master the jumping mechanic. There are many areas in the game that you cannot reach just by using your hands as you will lose a lot of stamina. These are the areas where the jumping mechanic helps you reach the areas that you cannot climb to. 

Image: Crytek

In the game, there are three maps: Bay / Mountain / Desert. They are three different climbs. The Bay is the first area of play. It’s a basic climb and consists of great bay views. 

 The next area is the Mountain. It’s a much harder climb and it brings new features to the game like the ledge that can break! This was great fun. 

Last but not least and my absolute favorite is the Desert. The Desert is the hardest one. This challenged my abilities to climb and stay alive it is another map with great scenic views.  

The Climb, brought to you by VR Oculus Headsets, is a great game. I found the game fun and enjoyed it. I highly recommend it and cannot wait for The Climb 2 to come soon! 


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