Astroneer Review

When you first start off the game, you are done with your mission brief. A brief summary of that brief is that your job is to make an active space base on this uninhabited planet. 

When you first land on the planet called Sylva, all you have is a small home with a small Platform B, and medium printer. Then you are tasked with slowly expanding this base. When your base is decently expanded, you can build a rocket that you can use for multiple missions like transporting materials from planet to planet. Some materials are only found on certain planets. 

Image: System Era Softworks

The story lacks a lot of interactive parts to it. To complete the game you must drill to the core of all the planets in the system and then put a certain material in and there for activating the planet. All the planets are named: Atrox, Calidor, Sylva, Desolo, Novus, Vesania, and Galico. 

In the game, you have an oxygen meter and if you’re away from your base or a tether (tether can give you oxygen if it connected to an oxygen source) the way you can tell if its decreasing is by looking at your back pack. You can see a small blue meter there and if it fully depletes you have five seconds to get to an oxygen source, or you die and all your items are left on the ground. You could go and collect them, or you could leave them. It is your choice. 

This game can take 60-80 hours to finish, which is long for most games. It also has servers where you and your friends can go and play together. There are also batteries that can be good and bad at times like if your vehicle is out of power, your battery can automatically divert its power into vehicles. 

Vehicles are also a big part of the game because they can transport you across your planet at high speeds, such as the rover it can carry different items from one place to another, or you and your friends can all ride this vehicle together depending on the number of trailers. 

There is also the plant aspect of the game. Some are deadly and some do not do anything, but they all have one thing in common: If you kill them, they will drop a small research sample that you can research for bytes which are the game’s currency. 


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