Cuphead Review

Cuphead is a game that really embraces the old timey aspect. It seems that the developers had a lot of feelings towards classical television. The target audience was the older people of the gaming community. 

The first thing you go through in the game is a scene where Cuphead and Mug Man gamble away their souls, and become slaves for the devil who was the one who managed to swindle them into the gamble that would change their lives forever. 

The bosses are people who were dumb enough to bet a lot of money and lose a lot of money and then run away to never pay back your debt. Our jobs are to be debt sharks beat them up and steal their contract. 

Image: Studio MDHR

Parrys are something you can get to add one to your cards. Cards are something you get after doing a certain bit of damage. If you have one you can send an attack that is better than your standard attack but not as strong as your ultimate attack. If you have 5 cards you can activate your ultimate attack. Your ultimate attack can be one of three: Energy Blast- A blast of energy that is directed at the enemy to do maximum damage. Invincibility- Player is inpervese to all attacks for 4.85 seconds. Giant Ghost- A ability where the player sacrifices one of their lives but can-do amazing damage if used correctly.  

Each boss has its pros and cons. For example, stages can be easy in some parts and at other times they can be a challenge. All so you can choose a difficulty before you fight the two options are simple and regular. With simple you are faced with a boss that does attacks like any other boss, but one major difference is that there is one less stage then regular and less attacks as well. Then there is regular and in this you get more attacks to dodge and one extra stage that is harder than all the other one and attacks move faster than simple. 


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