Fishing in Minecraft is it Any Good?

Fishing in Minecraft is it any good?

In Minecraft you can fish but is it any good? Fishing is a quintessential way to get resources such as string bone leather. And better yet enchanted bows books and rods also name tags and nautilus shell.

Early game fishing is a reliable way to get levels. People have also figured out how to AFK (away from keyboard) fish with the help of an ingenious contraption you can fish gain materials enchants and more.

In the tests that I have done it has shown that an enchanted fishing rod is far superior then the inferior base rod it boosts its effectiveness by up to 78% not to mention it cuts the time it takes to fish down to a quarter of the original time yet again boosting efficiency 

In summery, fishing is an early game way to get levels and food until you get situated in your new home world.


  1. The moves in this argument are as well-rehearsed as a h Century gavotte. Minecraft s champions say that it s very creative and that I should just look at the things kids are making on it. I concede the point but say that it s two-dimensional, and that children should be exercising more than their mouse fingers. The other side asks why it s any worse than reading for hours at a time.

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