Why the Dream SMP is so Popular

The Dream SMP (Shared Multiplayer Server) has grown popular because it includes some of the biggest names on the internet, as well as having a cool role-playing aspect.

This extremely popular Minecraft server, hosted by the YouTube phenomenon Dream, is taking over the internet. Thanks to the servers compelling storyline and some of the largest internet names involved, it has become the biggest SMP at the moment. From massive wars and names to colossal structures, this server has everything a good Minecraft server needs.

Image: Mojang

It may not be the biggest SMP in terms of player count, or size but it makes up for it with the quality of the players as opposed to the quantity. The sheer scale and grandeur of the buildings would be good for creative, but for survival some of the buildings are truly mind- boggling. Take Pandora’s vault for example, it is estimated to be made of 20,000 blocks of obsidian (and that’s just the walls) and said to be inescapable. Just for a second, think about how long that would take to build if each block of obsidian takes nine seconds to mine, that means the whole structure would have taken almost three days of nonstop mining and placing. The players who build such things should be applauded.

Image: Mojang

The big names involved such as ‘Dream’, ‘Tommyinnit’, ‘Lazarbeam’ and ‘Technoblade’ are one of the quintessential reasons of its popularity. But an even more important reason is the storyline. I think that the reason everyone loves the storyline is that it is just so diverse. From recreating a traumatic experience of ‘Dreams’ childhood, to having a full-on war about two discs. It can be funny when you want it to be. It can be serious when you need it to be. It can even be epic when it has to be. It is almost tailor made for the viewer.

Image: Mojang

 Another benefit of this server is that you can have multiple tabs open at a time and watch a fight from two points of view. It is quite entertaining to do this and really lets you see the different perspectives and allows you to connect in a deeper way with the characters and people involved in the story.

Image: Mojang

Personally, I love it. I think almost everything about it is great. In my opinion, the only thing bad about it is the fact that whenever I check Twitch, there’s not usually anyone on the server because of where I live! I live in Australia so when I check it then the players are probably sleeping, as they’re in a different time zone.

Image: Mojang

In summary, the reason the Dream SMP has risen to popularity is because of its compelling story and the way its performed by the huge names involved. The huge structures and multiple points of view add to its coolness also. All in all, the Dream SMP is popular due to its coolness.

By Terry in Reverse

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