How Does the Military Use Video Games?

Militaries are now branching out from using older ways for recruitment and training by using computer games. There are more ways the computer games can help with the military, so here is some information.

Some militaries like America are using computer games to recruit and train their soldiers. The U.S uses their Esports team to recruit young gamers to either join their military or their twitch team and go to gaming conventions.

Image: Activision

They will go around America and go to multiple conventions and they will recruit thousands of people to help serve. Along with Australia using some computer game technologies like arcade games you pick up a toy laser gun and fire at the screen this can help train them with their hand eye coordination a very useful skill to have when in the military.

Since computers are now so powerful, militaries are using to train their soldiers… The majority of them use a simulation set up that will represent the real machine so instead of going into a tank, submarine or plane they can use the simulation to simulate what it does. This allows soldiers to train in groups or rooms and practice what it would be like to be doing the real thing. You can also use arcade video games. Some other countries like Australia use arcade games with a replica gun that can be used to shoot objects on a screen, they will also use software and simulations like those types of games. Like tanks and machine guns they all operate in the same way as the real equipment, but they operate in the way they need it to train them.

Image: Pixabay

The different military organisations around the world mostly use software and simulations that feel realistic to the real battlefield, so they can be trained in a way that is identical as the real thing. Also, some company’s sell software and simulations, like BISim, that can provide multiple things for militaries to train with soldiers in multiple ways, BISim sell multiple software packages for air, land and sea. Now another company ANTYCIP also sell software’s, simulations and even virtual reality. All targeted at specific roles for the groups like the Navy, Air Force along with the Army.

Militaries are now using computer games in quite a few ways like software, simulations and arcade games. These are just some of the few things that can be used to recruit and train using video games.

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