Osu! Tips for Beginners

There are a lot of genres of games out there like MMORPG’s, Open world exploration, Rougelike and much more, but if you’re tired of playing your usual games, or you just want a break from games like those then you might want to try out rhythm games, but more specifically — Osu! Osuis one of the most iconic rhythm games there is, and this article is for people who have just started playing it or are having trouble playing it. 

The first tip I have is something my friend told me when I was just starting out, and that was to turn my sensitivity way down. When I started playing Osu! I thought that I need my sensitivity to be at least at 2x, so I can get across the screen faster, but this isn’t needed especially if it’s your first time playing the game. The trick is to start with your sensitivity set to around 1.5x – 1.6x (depending on your mouse) and then slowly work your way up with your progression. 

The second tip is to experiment with your inputs. The default keyboard inputs are Z and X for clicks and C for smoke, but if sometimes you notice that you aren’t timing things right, try moving the inputs up to A, S and D or even Q, W and E. Moving your inputs are important because you might not be comfortable with your hand position on Z, X and C. This step isn’t necessary, but it won’t hurt to try. 

The third tip is to change your skin and cursor size. This isn’t really a tip because most people do this after a few games, but when I first found out that skins existed, I had already played a hundred or so games and it was hard to get used to changing skins, so it’s good to change skins early on in my opinion. 

Image: Dean “ppy” Herbert, Garin

The next few things that are listed here are just quality of life stuff (basically I know that it helps but I can’t explain why) that will definitely help you in your time of playing Osu! 

  • Turn off hit lighting 
  • Turn on always show key overlay 
  • Turn on raw input 
  • Turn off map absolute raw input to the Osu! window (this is for people that use tablets and I think that most beginners don’t have a tablet for Osu! so turn it off) 
  • Turn off the video option when downloading a song and dim the screen 100% when playing (this is so you can focus on clicking the circles, but you don’t need to do this.) 

By Zephyrus

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