Gaming Culture Article: Hacking

Hi, my name is Snaggy. I’m from yelling at children. Today we are here to talk about hackers. We have seen them through our best and our worst. They are the scum of the gaming community, people who feel as though they need to cheat to validate the lack of skill when it comes to gaming. They are like mold on a corpse desecrating the land with its foul stench.  

I’m sure everyone hates hackers. They ruin the experience for the rest of us. The most popular hacks used consist of: Aimbot, wall hacks, kill aura, and speed boosts. These hacks are mostly used to kill and or help with the process. 

Image: Ubisoft

 If you don’t happen to not know what a hack is, well basically it is a modification to an electronic device or system where the person, who applied said, hack can control more than they used to, or in some cases take control over everything on the electronic device or system. 

Chicken Drumstick is a hacking organization that creates and sells hacks, each hack goes for around $20. Some of the hacks they provide include: Aimbot, Wall hacks and many more. Although they were shut down, because one of their clients reported them to the police, after the investigation it was found out that Chicken Drumsticks made $76m US. 

Hacks have been a thing for years slowly evolving into tools that can basically do anything, some hacks affect real world things, such as: routers servers, computers, or any electronic device. Precautions have been taken to stop these hacks, but so far, they have worked about half the time. 

Currently hacks are almost unstoppable though hopefully in the coming years hacks may be stopped. Companies such as Microsoft are making the world’s best anti-cheats. As we speak, they are supposed to be applied to all Microsoft devices and programs by 2024. That may vary between the innovative programs that may be invented or the old ones that may be left behind. 

If you are thinking what I’m thinking, then you are thinking how? How do we fix this problem? Well, the answer is quite. simple, go outside with your friends and find out what you think is a fun activity and do it! Find yourself some free time, now that was just the first answer to this problem, but have no fear, if you do not want to go outside, you can also play offline on some games or play on private servers. 

In conclusion, hackers are bad but also skilled when it comes to hiding their identity, Hacks come in different varieties and at the same price. $20 US. We also know that many different hack corporations have been completely shut down due to it being highly illegal, so remember if you’re having any problems with hackers, go to the feedback tab for the game and report the problem. You could also play offline or on a private server. Just know the companies and organizations that make the game you enjoy are going to extremes just to make your gaming experience just that little bit better, so make sure to give them a bit of time to get themselves situated, so that they can take care of the problem that affects people all over the world. 

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