Trailmakers Review

Trailmakers is a game that revolves around the aspect of imagination and the creativity of its players. 

The game is basically a unique sandbox made for the most part to create vehicles like trucks, boats and planes. Even a submarine car, if you’re feeling up for the challenge. You can build whatever you want. 

Trailmakers is a game that is really like Lego. You can build things with the instructions or go wild and build your own small project that can be turned into a massive one. Trail makers is a game that is built on Lego. The developers were obsessed with the stuff. It was like a creative outlet for them and then they had the idea of giving everyone else that outlet as well by creating this game. 

Image: Flash Bulb Games

The game isn’t just a sandbox, it can be a competitive wonderland where you can create cars to verse other people who have built their creations. Or you can play story mode, where you are the pilot of a big space garbage truck that crashes on a new planet,  and you must build a rocket to escape this dreaded planet and get home to your family. Or you could even go to treasure island, where you can use every item in the game to create anything you want, that is the more sandbox part of the game.  

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