How Those Who Remain changed Roblox

Those Who Remain, by Peak studios, is a zombie survival game. Your main goal is to fend off waves of zombies chasing you by using your wide variety of weapons. Seems normal enough, But how has this game managed to change Roblox so much in a way that has affected the community? 
First, let me explain a bit more of the main goal of the game. So, you and a group of up to seven other people are stuck in a certain map like a farm or a mansion. There are different zombies running at you. whether it be infected civilians, armored zombies or terrifying screaming things. There is a giant range of guns going from pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and a gosh darn flamethrower to defend yourself with. There is also a wide range of items such as grenades or Molotov cocktails. You also have quests that give you cash to buy more guns. 

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Take a game like Call of Duty – Zombies. Where you defend against waves of zombies and unlock more equipment. The games really do have a clear connection. The mechanics are similar but different. And that makes it a great game. 
Those Who Remain is less bloody and less brutally violent compared to most games in the genre. It gets constant updates and fixes with the community being able to suggest their own ideas to the dev team too. Also, because it is on Roblox, its 100% free. So, what does this all mean? 
Well, the fact that it is free is a big factor into this game being so popular. The fact that you get a fully fleshed out, complex, fun game without having to pay is what makes it so great. The game encourages older and different people to the platform, whereas most other Roblox games seem like they were intended for people who are five. It has the influence of such a big different community compared to the rest of Roblox. And that is the reason why it has changed Roblox so much. 

The fact that just a single game can change the whole community of a platform is crazy. Those Who Remain is a very good game, and I would highly recommend it to people who enjoy shooter – survival games. Developers should sometimes try something different to just making the same “Obby games” or “Simulator games” and try making a new idea that could really change Roblox as a whole. 

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