Valheim a Basic Overview

In Valheim you start out as a semi-naked Viking devoid of resource you must begin by picking up twigs and stones to make an axe from there you can make a hammer and with that hammer you can begin creating your dream base and tools. To make more advanced tools and buildings you will need to construct a work bench from there to interact with the workbench. You will need to build a roof over the workbench to interact and begin making more tools and items. 

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Next you will need to make a wood club to protect yourself from the natural inhabitants such as Greylings, Greydwarfs and many more horrific beings. Using the club hunt some deer and boars for leather scraps, deer hide and meat. With the meat you will be able to cook food, with the leather and scraps you will be able to fashion some crude hide armor and a bow. From cutting down trees you will gain resin and feathers with said resources arrows can be made using the resin you can make a torch to guide you in the night.

With that all said and done you are up to the first boss to summon the first boss you will need two deer trophies from killing deer the first boss is called Eikthyr and is a more than average sized deer.You will need to use a strategy to fight this fearsome foe. Once you have slain this beast you will obtain two-five antler pieces with those pieces you can create an antler Pickaxe. With the Pickaxe you can mine copper and tin to make bronze. But first to smelt the ore you will need a furnace and charcoal kiln to make these surtling cores are needed.

To obtain surtling cores you will need to venture into the black forest. In the black forest you will meet fearsome foes even more than the deer such as trolls and skeletons. When you encounter skeletons, it is most likely that there is a dungeon nearby but be ready to enter this dungeon as a fight is sure to break loose exploring this dungeon you will find surtling cores and the location for the next boss The Elder. 

Now that you have the cores you can build the furnace and kiln. Smelt the ore with charcoal from the kiln to get bars of [insert name] ore. With the bars a forge bench can be made to make bronze with said bronze you are now ready for stage two: The Elder. 

In this phase you need to make bronze tools to advance. With a bronze axe in hand go chop some birch trees to get fine wood and pine trees to get core wood with the core wood a bronze pickaxe can be made. The fine wood can be used to make a fine bow it does  significantly more damage than the crude bow. 

Now you are somewhat ready to take down six trolls for their skin.  This skin can be made into armor. Now you are truly ready to face off against The Elder. This is a somewhat tough boss It can honestly be a tough boss. But if you prevail and defeat this foe, an iron key is dropped but that’s for stage three: Bonemass. 

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To begin stage three, you will need to explore the map to find a swamp this is even more than the last two biomes combined. In the swamp you will need to locate another dungeon in this dungeon the tunnels are blocked by “muddy scraps” to pass the scraps a bronze Pickaxe is needed from mining these scraps it will sometimes drop leather scraps, iron scrap and withered bones these are for summoning the boss Bonemass. 

To get ready for Bone mass you will need iron tools, armor and ten-fifteen withered bones. Bonemass is a gigantic green blob of poison with bones inside. Once defeated Bonemass will drop a wish bone required to progress any further.

Begin stage four “ The Mountains”  this stage is hard because of the frostiness. To begin you will need to brew frost resistance mead.  five thistle found in the dark forest, ten honey from bees found in abandoned houses you need to destroy the hive and build a beehive and wait for the bees to make the honey, two bloodbags from leeches found in the swamp and one Greydwarf eye all of these combined in a cauldron to create the frost resistance mead base with this in hand put it in a fermenter and let that ferment. You will get ten frost resistance mead.  

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Now you can go to the Mountains the mead lasts ten minutes so be careful once you arrive activate the wishbone and walk around and keep walking until you see green effects, these will blink on and off so keep walking around until it blinks rapidly now with an iron pick in hand mine down in the area where it blinks most rapidly to find silver. Now keep gathering silver and fight wolves and drakes to get fangs, wolf pelt and frost residue with the silver fangs and pelt create wolf armor. The residue can be made into frost arrows. To go with the arrows a new bow must be forged. With twenty silver, dear hide and two more “rare” materials the first is ancient bark from the swamp trees  and the second Guck from green pustules on other swamp trees with these ingredients you can make The Drauger Fang bow.  

To summon the forth boss Moder you can find a destroyed small castle with a rune stone inside to point you to the summoning alter. To actually fight the boss three dragon eggs found in small crystal and stone things scattered all over the mountains you may need to journey to more than one mountain to get the required eggs. Now that you have the eggs and are ready to fight Moder. Moder is a massive dragon that shoots frost balls and has other attacks, the bow is most recommended as she {the boss mother dragon} is almost constantly flying and occasionally lands. Once she is slain she will drop five to ten tears. 

With the tears a artisan workbench can be made to start a new stage. To begin the End you will need to construct a blast furnace this is what is used to smelt black metal scrap obtained from fuling and their respective subtypes. This metal can be made into armor and new weapons from the plains {where you find the fulings} you can scavenge barley from the fuling villages with this barley you can use it in the windmill to make flour. With this flour you can make the best food in game, lox meat pie and blood pudding. Once you have the best food gear and items you can begin the “Final Crusade”. Start in the plains and roam around, find fuling villages in these villages there is a chance to find a fuling totem in order to summon the final boss you need five of these. The summoning stone can also be found in the plains. With the five totems in hand and black metal tools and armor you are ready to fight  

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Yagluth (Goblin King) he is one of if not the toughest boss in the game he is also the final boss (as of now). Once he is slain he will  drop: Yagluth thing: which currently has no use. 

Congratulations you have beaten the game for now. 


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