Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted Review

Gameplay from Steel Wool Studios

Help Wanted is one of the scariest games I have played, and that is kind of the reason why I enjoy it so much. 

During an Oculus sale, Help Wanted had gone on sale. So, I decided to give it a go, why not? I have been curious about playing the game for, well, since it was released. So, I bought it, downloaded it, and booted it up and found myself looking up at three animatronics towering above me. And immediately I began rethinking my decision.  

Image : Steel Wool Studios

Help Wanted is a VR survival game developed by Steel Wool Studios and published by ScottGames and Lionsgate Games, and is the 8th game in the series. In it, you play as an unnamed beta tester trying out the newest game released by Fazbear entertainment (the company that owns the animatronics that, well, try to kill you) covering up everything that has happened before then, and therefore restore their reputation. Though it becomes clear very quickly that something else is afoot. 

Help Wanted is basically a collection of small mini games. Most are from the previous games put into a VR environment with a few small changes. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. As this adds to the realism, as well as the fear factor. Additionally, the animatronics themselves have had a rework. Making them look more realistic and 3D. 

Image : Steel Wool Studios

Reviewing this game has been tough for me as I am not good with fear. But this game is putting that to the test with its incredibly stressful scenarios. I can barely play a level before I have to sit down and have a break. Its graphics are not exactly realistic, but they are realistic enough to make your legs shake, close your eyes and hide from the incoming horror. As this is a VR game, you simply cannot just look away from the horror. You are forced to face it, and there is a strong difference from something screaming at a screen compared too something screaming in your face. 

Overall, Help Wanted is a great game with a great concept and great level design. Though it’s not for the faint of heart, it’s great for people who want a good scare. And to the people who want to watch their friends be jumpscared. And trust me, it’s hilarious. 

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