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After 5 long years of nothing Halo Related, we’ve finally got a new game on the horizon. Halo Infinite is the game meant to right the wrongs of the last few Halo games, mostly Halo 4 and 5. With that being said, let’s look at the game, and discuss what’s going on with it. Halo Infinite will serve as a spiritual reboot to the franchise, taking place years after Halo 5 and setting up its own setting. The campaign will focus on the franchise and console mascot, spartan 117: The Master Chief.

The setup for the premise is simple, a new covenant faction, the banished control Zeta Halo, the new ring that will serve as the setting for this game. We will experience this journey with the pilot revealed in the discover hope trailer, and a new Cortana with a blank slate. The game’s story will be friendly to newcomers yet playable for experienced players who know the Halo story and lore. alo Infinite’s campaign will be the first full open world game in the franchise. It was experimented in Halo 3: ODST, but never fully realized. Halo Infinite aims to bring the most dynamic, diverse world in a Halo game. A day and night cycle are confirmed and hopefully, there will be plenty of things to do on the ring and one of my personal hopes that the open world will enter different stages, as in, if the Flood make a return, the game will be overrun with them when you get to that stage of the game and features like that.

Hopefully the difficulty is refined and fair, so that Halo players of all kinds can play Halo the way they want, although there will be no co-op at launch, which hey, at least 343 was dead honest about it, and it’s vital that they don’t miscommunicate to the player, plus, it’s a guaranteed that co-op won’t be as easy in an Open-World game. It has been done in games like Far Cry, but Halo is a different story given the ambition and that co-op has never been done in a full Halo open world.

Image: 343 Industries

My hopes for Halo Infinite are to right the wrongs of Halo 4 and 5 , For this spiritual reboot to succeed, I want a ground-breaking new Halo story. When it comes to the multiplayer, the technical previews have painted a good picture for the release of Halo Infinite. The tech previews have been well received. The upcoming Halo Infinite will be a free-to-play game on the multiplayer side. You heard that correctly, you won’t have to spend a dime. This decision has been done to boost the multiplayer numbers and encourage more people to play, with the upside of you not having to pay for the gameplay experience. Instead, they have a battle pass system, given that’s the trend when it comes to progression, that once you buy, you can take however long you want unlocking all the items instead of playing 1500 matches within a week before the battle pass expires. All battle passes will be available to players all the time until the game’s servers are shut down. But given how 343 Industries is planning a “10-year journey” for the game, you’ll have plenty of time to play it.

Equipment is a big part of the multiplayer, the design choice was heavily inspired by Halo 3’s equipment, but Halo Infinite has its own spin to everything. Although sprint is in the game, it aims to give the player a fair chance by allowing them to shoot out of sprint and the sprint itself isn’t all that fast, so players still have a chance to kill you, Bloom has been tuned to be less random, Vehicles take damage and are hindered the more damaged they are, Weapons that used to be useless have all been adjusted to serve a practical purpose in the gameplay and not useless or less practical. Every weapon has been designed to be used in a way that will make it useful. The gravity hammer is going to serve as the counterpoint of the energy sword. The needler has been buffed up to be a valid option to use during a multiplayer match and so on. All weapons will serve a purpose beyond custom games. Halo Infinite is the game that is also trying to add features that fix pet peeves people have had from the very beginning. AI bots will be added in the game to deter quitters and encourage people who are still in matches to keep playing.

Halo Infinite has also had leaks of campaign expansions. While yet to be properly announced, this is an inspiring rumor, so that expansions will expand the Halo Infinite story after it ends. If they don’t leave any plot holes in the main campaign, which given what we know so far, I surely hope not. Halo Infinite has the chance to redeem the franchise after the previous 2 entries with rocky foundations. They’ve done a good job so far, and hopefully they continue to do so. My trust is there 343 Industries, DON’T break it!

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