Game Design for School

Game design is a valid and interesting subject that offers a wide range of benefits to students in secondary schools. I believe that Game Design as a subject should be made more widely available to Australian Secondary School students as it is a valid future career and of strong interest to the current day students. Game design is educational and requires extensive knowledge of how to code. I interviewed one of the Game Design teachers at Templestowe College to get an idea of why he offers the subject as well as two students that are currently studying Game Design. 

Although most people think gaming isn’t educational, kids can grow up to be game designers.  A kid can grow up to be a graphic designer, game designer, interior designer, game mathematician, senior manager product experience and design, industrial design, data analyst for mobile game studios, game design teachers, UI/visual designer, digital designer, learning designer or manager. 

Since we get the experience of making games at Templestowe College, it makes us more engaged. I decided to interview Sean Hayes and a couple of students about game design. Sean Hayes is a teacher at Templestowe College and I asked him a few questions. My first question was why did he make game design? He replied saying that he didn’t make game design, but he just took over. Then I asked two students who are doing game design. My first question was why did you pick game design? One replied saying I picked computer game design because I’m interested in learning how the games I play are made. My second question was what do you like about game design? I picked computer game design to hopefully learn a bit more about how games are designed and the progress they make while doing it.

Before schools started doing game design as a subject in 2005, kids wouldn’t get academic merit for learning game design. Now kids can learn game design, and because of this kids’ engagement and job opportunities have arisen. It starts to make sense that schools start doing game design as a subject because the world is getting more advanced, so schools need to get more advanced as well. That is why more schools should start offering game design as a subject since times are changing and we need to change with it.

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