Subnautica Below Zero Review

Subnautica Below Zero is a game that has a diverse and immersive world that is full of beauty.

The planet is called 4546B, a planet that has been infected with a plague, but luckily an enzyme was distributed worldwide. This enzyme has cured the plague from all creatures that inhabit 4546B. Although this game is set in more of a chillier climate than Subnautica, its prequel, the precursors still inhabited this part of the planet

The weather creates a sense of fear as you explore the region more. After spending even a few minutes in the game, you start to feel immersed. The outside world becomes irrelevant and, in a sense, it is truly an experience like no other. The weather in this region consists of snowstorms, electric storms, and sun showers.

Subnautica Below Zero has a lot of differences when it comes to Subnautica. Subnautica’s creatures are aggressive and fast. Which means they can kill you with the most precise accuracy you will have ever seen. Let us not forget about the harmless creatures, like the cuttlefish, which only staying by your side because they want your loving care and affection. The creatures are all different, with nothing being remotely similar. This truly shows the amount of dedication that was put towards Subnautica. That alone has been bringing the expectations for Subnautica Below Zero’s popularity to the stars.

Image: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Vehicles are an important aspect of traversing the land. The snow fox, a hover bike, is the first land vehicle in the game. Make no mistake, this is a vehicle that specializes in traversing snow. However, it is moderately slow when traversing on the sea. If the weather is even slightly off, you might want to brace yourself because you’ll be getting a heavy dose of violent shaking. Next comes the sea truck, which at first looks like a small submarine that slightly resembles a truck cab. Gradually, you can add trailers. All trailers will contain something like a fabricator module, a storage module, and the aquarium module which gradually drags in fish from the area around the sea truck. It can be a reliable source of food or a wonderful way to study the sea life that inhabit different biomes. Finally the docking module is an important part of the vehicle, this module makes it so you can dock your prawn suit, and exo suit that is often used for explorations, on the back of the sea truck.

Image: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

The story is compelling and involves a lot of IQ to process the events that occur in this game.

The story is about a researcher named Robin, and her sister Sam. Sam is stationed at the vesper, a space station that surveys the progress of the ongoing research at 4546B. Robin’s job is to uncover the secrets about the precursor’s technology and make reports on 4546B and the life forms that inhabit it. At first everything is going according to plan, that is until agent Jeffreys goes missing. After their research base collapses due to an electrical storm, Robin starts to make her way to the precursor facility. Where once she arrives, it speaks her name. Shortly after entering the complex, Robin finds a deactivated terminal. When she swipes dust off the terminals control pad, it proceeds to activate and emit a bright light. While this is happening, Robin and the player both hear a voice, “Suitable vessel located, proceeding transfer.”

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