Subnautica Review

Subnautica is one of the only games that really embraces the aquatic aspect of the game.

In Subnautica you must survive on an alien planet called 4546B. 4546B is a water-based world with only a few islands. They really want to show new players the beauties of the ocean and encourage them to go and see it for themselves.

It also gives you a grim reminder that your ship the aurora has been taken down by a mysterious ray of energy, and that you’re stranded on an alien planet with only you and your tablet.

Image: Unknown Worlds

 The game is extremely realistic when it comes to health oxygen food and water, every three seconds three oxygen meter depletes by three, and when you reach zero you start to black out you have five seconds to reach the surface before you die and lose some of your items, sometimes all the items you had gotten on your last expedition.

It is truly amazing when it comes to the aquatica life like the reefback. They are the most popular creatures in the game. The game has three ways when it comes to how you want to live in Subnautica, but before you do that. You’ll have to stop the virus and save the planet. There are the dangerous carnivores that rome the open ocean in their certain biomes, for example the creep vines are homed to the stalkers, these pesky predators love to steal metal from the crash site of the aurora, then there’s the sand sharks which hide in the sand waiting for play to fall into its trap. But the most dangerous by far are the reapers who are addicted to radiation that emitted from the auroras crash site is surrounded by. If the thought ever entered their mind, at any point they could shatter your small submarine in five seconds flat. They are the scariest creatures in the game.

Image: Unknown Worlds

The creatures that inhabit this planet are mostly dangerous carnivores that like to prey on schools of fish or each other. On the other side of the spectrum is the more peaceful creature whose diet consists of algae, reefbacks are the most popular creature in the game.

 The story aspect of the game fits in well with the open world part of the game. It takes 45 hours (about two days) and 47 minutes to complete the entire game, all the easter eggs everything!

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