The Complete Minecraft Handbook Collection Review

The Complete Minecraft Handbook Collection is a book collection that contains a lot of useful information on Minecraft and its contents.

First is the combat handbook, it contains the crafting recipes of many tools you might use in your day-to-day routine. It also contains the specs of many mobs, and it will teach you step by step on how to make traps for mobs or your friends. If you like brewing, it’s good for that too. It teaches you how to make potions and show you the recipes.

Image: Mojang Studios

Second is the beginner’s handbook, this handbook teaches you a lot about agriculture. It also includes a lot of information about animals and hostile mobs. Every hostile mob has a profile talking about what they drop, where they can be found and their level of hostility. It also tells you what is most effective at killing them.

Third is the construction handbook, this handbook will show you how to make your base and even where to start building. It will teach you how to make a home and other various structures block by block. t also knows a lot about gardens and how to build them, and they will always end up looking fantastic. It also contains useful info on what type of houses fit in diverse types of biomes.

Image: Mojang Studios

The fourth handbook is all about redstone, this handbook contains some complex information about how to make automatic lighting, and traps. It discusses them a lot, as well and how to get them to work every time. It also instructs you on how to make them. It’s a bit complex, but anyone should be able to understand it.

All in all, this collection is extremely helpful. I would rate it a 9/10 with the only issue being that it’s outdated.


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