What Are Esports?

Before Esports was popular, people played video games by themselves. Esports has existed for almost fifty years and have changed the lives of many people. In 1972, the first Esports competition was held with the prize of a years subscription of the Rolling Stones magazine. Since that time, Esports has grown in popularity up to where we are right now.

Whilst most people take gaming as a casual fun pastime, some people choose to play it as a professional sport. Esports is a type of competitive gaming, usually done with multiplayer games where you can go up against opponents. People compete in video games to win cash. The most popular Esports games that are well known for it are Dota 2, CSGO and League of Legends. Worldwide people have competed to be the best team and earn the bragging rights of being one of the competition winners.

Even though Esports isn’t exactly as active as other sports, it does have major social perks. Teamwork is always key for winning Esport games because, having a team that argue about what they are doing all the time means that they just can’t strategize as well. It’s found that Esports can sometimes boost communication skills with other people. Even if it’s a solo game without teams, people still get to interact with the massive Esports community. That brings us into the next topic.

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Because of the amount of popularity Esports has, people can now actually compete in Esports as their fulltime occupation. People buy tickets to watch it live. Companies sponsor the game to have their logos advertised everywhere. Even viewers at home earn the Esport organizers money by watching ads. Esports has earned $1.2bil AUD combined in prize money, and the biggest ever prize was $300m AUD from a Dota2 competition. Crazy! Twitch has reaped the benefits of Esports, making it one of the best-known streaming platforms to date.

Esports is one of the most important things that have contributed to what gaming culture is today. It has made gaming more popular, as well as the platforms the games are streamed on. It’s surprising when you think about just how much Esports has helped the gaming community. Without Esports, the world would just be a little bit more boring.

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