Getting Over It: Review

Getting Over It is a frustrating single player game where you have to get over many obstacles and if you fall down the mountain, you have to start again.

The creator is talking to you about not giving up when you fall down and saying quotes by famous people. You have to climb a mountain of garbage and to progress in the game you have to climb over all the obstacles that the game throws at you. For example climbing over ledges, houses, buildings, cranes, slides and boxes just to name a few. You need to climb as high as you can and the higher you get the closer you get to finishing the game.

Screenshot: Yelling At Children

Another game to compare it to is World of Goo. It is not that similar but a little bit. It is a construction puzzle where you have to build high towers with the help of goo balls. You get them from other levels. The point is to get the right  amount of goo balls  to build things like towers and bridges to avoid dungeons, hills and rocks. There are lots of different types of goo balls that you need to use to get through each level. It is okay but not as fun as Getting Over It.

To succeed in Getting Over It, you need to climb as high as you can. You need to swing your hammer above yourself, so you can get higher and higher until you reach space.

Screenshot: Yelling At Children

I like the game but it is hard to explain why. It is a challenge and you are always wanting to get to the top which can be annoying when you can’t make it. I never have.  It is also very addictive and makes you want to keep playing even though it is a very frustrating game.

I like the way it looks, but I am not sure why. It is more just the challenge of getting to the top that keeps me wanting to play.

Screenshot: Yelling At Children

The game makes you feel like your loses are a good thing and to never give up.  I guess that’s what makes it good and bad because it is annoying you can’t ever seem to win, but he encourages you to keep going, so you do.

I do like this game because its creative and different from other games.  There are lots of positive and negative things about it.  This game doesn’t make me want to play it all the time just sometimes. I think it’s a pretty good game just not my favourite. I would probably play it more if it wasn’t so frustrating.

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