A WW2 Card Game: That Has Never Been Done Before

Kards is an online WWII card game developed and published by 1939 Games in 2019.

What is so special about this game? This game can be a great way to pass the time, you can pop on some music or a podcast to go with it, and time will fly past. And thanks to the tonnes of cards and battles, it’s not a game that you’ll finish in a day or two and forget.

If I were to compare this game to another game, it would be Magic the Gathering because of the attack mechanics. But instead of placing mana, like in Magic, each turn, you receive credits. They are used to do different actions such as moving cards, attacking and playing certain cards, some cards use more credits than others, and some cards give additional credits, such as the Riechbank, which gives you five extra credits. Another feature that makes the game unique is that there are two lines, the front line and the support line. The support line is where you place your cards, and the front line is where you attack (except for cards such as planes and artillery). How you win in this game is quite simple; all you must do is destroy the enemy HQ. There are many different strategies. My way of destroying an HQ is easy. Just wait until the enemy only has their weak cards on the table and then achieve victory through the lines. In my experience, it has worked, but when I face the soviets, they are annoying because some of their cards get to place other cards. Admittedly, they are weak, but some are guards, and guards on the support line (the same line as your HQ) cannot attack the HQ until they move or die.

Image: 1939 games

Another great thing about this game is that there are a lot of mini-campaigns, also known as Theatres of war. In the El Alamine campaign, you play as the Germans for free, and then in the other one, you can either pay with real money or gold coins. You unlock through a country’s progression tab, where you get new cards and stuff like that. Some of the other campaigns you can do are fall of the Philippines, where you play as Japan, the battle of Moscow, where you play as the Soviets and a few more.

Lastly, what I like about this game is the atmosphere. When you are in a match, there is some old-timey music playing, and for each thing you do there is a sound that plays, and it adds to the game.

Kards is a card based WW2 game with many different cards. Kards favour tactics and promotes using units in unison to take the enemy HQ; paired with the atmosphere and mechanics, it makes a solid, enjoyable game.

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