Cats Organized Neatly: Review

Cats Organized Neatly is a relaxing puzzle game made by DU&I. Your main goal in the game is to fit cats into a box, without any of them overlapping. Currently the game features 80 levels and 30 different sized cats, so for a game that’s $5 AUS on Steam, it has a decent amount of cat filled content.

Instantly after playing a couple levels, you have mastered the controls. The game is super easy for anybody to play. I could go show this game to my grandma and she would be able to play the game as good as any other human in the time span of less than five minutes. Hold down left click on a cat to pick it up, move it, then let go to place it back down. And if you need to rotate a cat, just right click while holding them.

Image: DU&I

Looking at the game, it gets compared to Tetris for a good reason. The puzzles require you to use every cat available and squeeze them into a certain shaped area. Some of the cats are shaped like an L, some of them are shaped like big squares, some of them are curvy and some of them are straight. Unlike Tetris however, you can use each cat whenever you want, if you mess up you can just move the cat somewhere else, and instead of clearing rows and going fast, you can take it slow and just focus on finishing one puzzle at a time.

This game may seem simple, and it is, but it can get difficult quickly. The more you go on, the more cats you unlock, and the more options you must consider in each puzzle. I’ve spent a good chunk of time on each of the later levels trying to spin cats of different shapes and sizes around and force them into tight spaces. For some people the puzzles are just a game of trial and error, but for me I find each of the challenges engaging and fun.

Image: DU&I

Even if you do find the puzzles annoying, how can you possibly stay mad at this game? The music is calming. The hand drawn graphics are awesome. The cats are cute, unique and very meowy. All these things tied together make the game as good/better than therapy.

Also, if cats aren’t your thing, Dogs Organized Neatly, made by the same developers, features the same gameplay with 80 different levels, and has dogs instead of cats. I would highly recommend both of these games to people who enjoy puzzles, or who just need a bit of time to chill in their lives. It’s so cheap, you mays well give it a go.

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