Yoru Rework: Good or Bad?

Yoru, a Duelist in Valorant — a 5v5 FPS game, has waited for a rework for a long time now. Despite having successfully spawned a lot of new memes, Yoru desperately needs the rework as he was incredibly outdated in the meta. 

Yoru’s old kit used to be easily seen through, and, unless you have broken headphones, falling for his trickery would’ve been very hard to achieve. Gatecrash is Yoru’s signature ability: you can either left click so that the Gatecrash goes into the direction you are looking at, or right click to place Gatecrash down in front of you. Gatecrash is useful in the initial stages of a game where you can be unpredictable and sneaky. But once you get to later rounds, if your enemies are decent, they would have already figured out your habits of where you put your Gatecrash and how you use it. 

The second ability is Fake Out, in which you can right click to place down to activate later, or left click which activates it immediately. Then Fake Out goes into the direction you are facing when you activate it. Fake Out can be easily read by audio queues and well, gaming sense. 

Yoru’s third ability is Blindside, and it winds up after it bounces off a surface then flashes. Blindside does not need any modifications as it is a basic and simple flash. 

Yoru’s ultimate ability is Dimensional Drift. While in Dimensional Drift, Yoru is 33% faster and is invulnerable to all attacks. However, Yoru can still be heard and seen by the enemies from a short distance. 

With many improvements to his kit, Yoru now has a lot more potential for trickery, deception, and overall scaring the crap out of his opponents. Gatecrash is now faster and has a smaller range on where enemies can see it, and you can now fake a teleport — leaving a mark on the ground where the Gatecrash was. This will contribute to his capabilities of deception when used with the new Fake Out ability. 

Instead of just being footsteps that can be easily identified, Fake Out is now a complete copy of Yoru. Fake Out looks the same as Yoru to the enemy team while it looks completely different to your allies. This is so that they can tell you apart from Fake Out as to not cause confusion. Fake Out, when shot, will look at the direction it was shot from, and they will be blinded. 

The Blindside ability has no changes to it, and that is perfectly fine as it is just a simple flash. 

While in Dimensional Drift, Yoru can no longer be seen although he can still be heard. Yoru can now cast all utilities while in Dimensional Drift and the exit time and enter time of Dimensional Drift has been increased. 

Yoru might finally be viable option for players; now we just have to wait and see if has earned a spot in the meta.

Disclaimer: This article was planned and made back in January of 2022, so if there is something that is outdated in this, that is why. Its publication has been delayed due to numerous reasons.

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