Spellbreak: Review

Spellbreak is an online wizard-themed battle royale game developed by Proletariat Inc. This game is special because instead of guns or swords, you have magic sets of abilities to combat your enemies and claim a victory. The abilities include Pyromancer (fire), Stoneshaper (earth), Tempest (wind), Frostborn (ice), Toxicologist (poison), and Conduit (electricity). 

I cannot compare Spellbreak to other games. It is simply the best game. You play the game by killing other players; you disrupt or exile them or push them off the island’s edge. Players can protect themselves and escape a game-ending conflict by using a teleportation device or other magic runes. 

In terms of the story, it does not have one. But it does have campaign missions that you can follow if you want to, but if you do not, you can dominate in lobbies, by yourself or with friends. 

This game is illustrated in a cartoon-like manner, so if you enjoy games like that or just having fun in general, this game is for you.  

Image: cc Proletariat, Inc.

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