A Newbs Guide to TABG Weapons

This article will go over my not so vast knowledge of TABG weapons and my recommendations for weapons and weapons that are not so good.

Totally Accurate Battle Grounds is a physics-based battle royal with the same style as Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Skip this part if you already play the game and understand how it works.

A TABG game starts with you flying over the map on top of a truck; when you hit the indicated button, you will launch yourself across the map. You will find loot all over the map with a large variety of weapons and attachments (more stuff like healing blessings and vehicles, but this article will go over weapons). You grab those items and fight to be the last person surviving. There will be giant pillars flying through the sky; they move mostly slow but fast enough that you will unexpectedly race them. If the pillars get to their destination, they will rise and crash to the ground; they will start sending out walls to the other pillars. If you get caught out when the wall is complete, you will die (it is good to get vehicles, so if you fall behind, you can catch up or use a launch pad grenade to get there instead).

Image: landfall games

The weapons of TABG have massive variety, so there will be quite a few options; all weapons have an ammo type (big, normal, light, shotgun, taser, bolts, musket balls and some rarer ones such as money and water)

Some weapons do not need ammo. Those are the melee weapons. They all have abilities that make them each different, but all of them are good in their way.

When grabbing weapons from the ground, make sure you have the ammo for them. The main thing to look for in a weapon is recoil. It is much harder to aim in this game than others, especially when hip firing, so you want low recoil with fast time to kill and weapons that go with each other, like a close-range weapon and long-range weapon or shotguns teleport/grappling hook.

You will want to find the proper attachment for your weapon. Depending on what it is, having the correct attachment can unlock a weapon’s true potential. All attachments do something, so here is a list of all the attachments at this time (I could have missed some, but it should be all): Compensator — almost halves recoil; Suppressor — your shots will be quiet, and there will be no bullet trail and a slight decrease to recoil; Fast Barrel — higher bullet speed; Double Barrel — you shoot two bullets instead of one. It also uses all the ammo that it would have if you shoot twice; Heavy Barrel — it slightly increases the damage and decreases recoil by a small amount but gives the gun a more extended hitbox; Periscope Barrel — it raises the height of the barrel, so you can fire behind cover: Healing Barrel — bullet will heal instead of dealing damage; Fire Rate Barrel — the gun will shoot faster; Accuracy Barrel — less spread and more accuracy. There are other attachments, such as scopes and utility attachments. Scopes change the zoom. It is helpful for nearly all weapons to have higher zoom on the more extended range weapons and lower zoom on the closer range. Utility attachments are things like laser sight — which makes a laser move in the direction the gun is pointing. Health Analysers show how much damage your opponent took, showing health as a percentage. The damage barrel shows how much damage you did as a raw number.

Some of the weapons I recommend: (If you do not know some of the weapons I talked about, you can check the wiki)     

  1. The AA-12 is a fast-firing Shotgun that can shred enemies at close range but is useless at range. The best way to play it is to pair it with a thing that can get you close, such as a grappling hook, katana, or teleport. There is a better variant called the liberating aa-12. It is the same as the AA-12, but with more ammo per clip but a slower reload time, and you can dual wield it (it spawns in pairs).
  2. The Gaussbow is a one-shot crossbow that explodes 2 seconds after firing the bolt. It is a one-hit body shot, but if you hit them in the head, you will not have to wait for the bolt to explode because it will do enough damage to kill them instantly. some good weapons to pair with the Gaussbow are the AA-12 for killing enemies if they get to close and getaway weapon or something to help you hit the enemy like a gravity field or taser.
  3. Taser weapons are great for helping you get kills; once hitting an enemy, they will get stunned and lay on the floor, making it easy to kill them; out of all the taser variants, the best are the ones with more bullets which make it hard for the enemy to dodge the bullets. The taser weapons have massive bullet drops, so you need to be close to your opponent for them to be effective.

As for weapons, I would recommend avoiding weapons with massive recoils such as miniguns, big barrettes, and mega guns, as well as weapons with bad DPS such as pistols and some older guns.

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