Brawlhalla: Tips and Tricks

Brawlhalla is a 2D platformer-type fighting game developed by Blue Mammoth Games back in April of 2014 for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. Brawlhalla has come a long way from the initial release. Mainly by developing a large player base with over twenty million players, along with a large competitive scene in the eSports Industry.

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Brawlhalla isn’t the first of its kind. Most people usually refer to Brawlhalla as a rip off Super Smash Bros or any other fighting game, such as Mortal Combat or the newly released Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl. While Brawlhalla and Super Smash Bros share similarities, they can be completely different games with whole new mechanics unique to each game.

As of now, there’s a total of 54 characters, 13 weapons, and four character stats in Brawlhalla. With each character having two weapons, no character shares the same two weapons or stats which makes every character’s play style different

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Once you have chosen the character that you would like to get to know and play, it is time to get used to them. Learning all their moves and how to perform them can make a significant difference in the game — rather than just button-mashing your keyboard hoping that your character does something. It takes time to learn the names of the inputs off by heart, but with enough playtime it will come to you.

Here is some basic terminology to help get you started:

Input: input is a specific order of keys you need to press for your character to perform an action in the game.

Punish: attacking an opponent after they miss or make a mistake with their movement or an attack.

Image: Blue Mammoth Games

Read: predicting an opponent’s movement, attack, or dodge.

String: a series of moves that is possible to dodge out of.

Combo: a series of moves that is impossible to dodge out of.

Edge guard: to deny an opponent from coming back on stage.

Side light (s light): moving left or right while pressing light attack.

Down light (d light): holding down while pressing light attack.

Neutral light(N-light): pressing light attack while stationary.

Side light air (sair): moving left or right and pressing light attack while mid-air.

Down light air (dair): holding down and pressing light attack while mid-air.

Neutral light air (nair): light attack while stationary mid-air.

Side sig: moving left or right while pressing heavy attack.

Down sig: holding down while pressing heavy attack.

Neutral sig (n-sig): pressing heavy attack while stationary.

Recovery: stationary or moving heavy attack while mid-air.

Ground pound: holding down and pressing heavy attack while mid-air.

Spot dodge: to press dodge while stationary either in the air or grounded.

Chase dodge: dodging while moving in any direction either in air or ground.

Gravity cancels (GC): spot dodging mid-air while performing another input makes you do the input mid-air.

Image: Blue Mammoth Games

These are the easiest true combo for each weapon:

Hammer: down light + side light
Canon: down light + jump + nair
Katar: side light + n light
Axe: side light + down light
Sword: down light + recovery
Blasters: down light + side light
Bow: down light + n light
Spear: down light + jump + nair
Lance: side light + jump + nair
Gauntlets: down light + side light
Scythe: side air + nair
Orb: side light + jump + side air
great sword: ground-pound + down light 

Brawlhalla is all about fun, but like any other game, there is a largely competitive side to it. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ve found a character you’re comfortable with. And the more time you spend practicing movement, combos, and strings the easier you will find the game. Then the higher you will climb the ranked ladder.

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