ZORXITRON the Gamer, the Writer, the Legend.

ZORXITRON Lives with his two parents, two German pointers and his older brother. He enjoys playing Star Wars Battle front II, when he is relaxing at home. He enjoys the Star Wars franchise and the competitive aspect of the game. He also enjoys watching MMA and listening to music.

Video games started to impact his life when his parents won a PS2 from a raffle. he was able to play lots of video games on it thus sparking his love for games. As he enjoys the Star Wars franchise, he found out about Star Wars battle front I and soon Star Wars battle front II. he got to playing it immediately enjoying the competitive aspect of the game and clashing the lightsabres in an epic duel or shooting down enemies with your blaster. Video games became a massive part in his life a source of relaxation and entertainment.

The two years of lock down was either a hit or a miss for some people in 2020 to 2021 as it was comfortable for ZORXITRON because he was able to work comfortably behind a desk and asking questions without feeling the slight bit of nervousness from asking it in front of people. It was especially easy for him since like him and many others are gamers and enjoy being at home playing their favourite game, so entertainment to stop himself from boredom was easy being able to play Star Wars battle front II at home.

ZORXITRON discovered gaming when his parents won a PlayStation 2 in a raffle, he’d regularly play on it on his free time enjoying the entertainment It brought to him. Being a big Star Wars fan finding out about Star Wars battle front II and started to play it he was hooked into the game loving the competitive aspect of the game and playing in the world he loves.

ZORXITRON chose the Level Up class to get a leg up his English literature abilities and get a better understanding of English and grow his knowledge with English to feel comfortable with his year ten, eleven and twelve English subjects.

ZORXITRON as a writer in Level Up, and at Yelling At Children website he written an article on Star Wars Battle front II maps and will release more articles in the future. Like him and many other writers at Yelling At Children.  He is also writing a profile piece on another writer in the Level Up class. Like many students in the Level Up class, he writes articles on the games he is either interested In or currently playing.

Looking forward into his future ZORXITRON says he might continue to do Level Up and produce more articles for the Yelling at children website. Unfortunately there aren’t any new games that have interested him but might write more on the games he is currently playing.

Overall, he is a creative and interesting writer for the website and can’t wait to read more about the games he is playing and talking about.

Written by N0VEX

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