How OneShot Breaks the Fourth Wall

OneShot is a story rich puzzle game created by Future Cat LLC, and published by Degica in 2016. The game is $15 AUS and is only available on Steam. You are tasked with guiding a child to save the world by restoring its sun. This may just seem like a normal puzzle adventure with a furry cat protagonist, but OneShot does everything it can to differ from any other game.

Image: Future Cat

The very first thing that you notice about the game is its style. The music at the first menu screen isn’t happy or exciting or inviting, it’s kind of dark and dim. Additionally, the menu doesn’t give you any options, you can only play or leave. The pixel graphics are impressive, and they work together with the music to make interesting environments.

Most of the time you will find yourself exploring the world for a while, looking for items and clues to what your current goal is. I personally enjoyed each of the puzzles in the game even though I really struggled with one of them, which was partially my fault for not paying enough attention in school. Whilst most of the time you can play the game in a small square in the middle of your screen, lots of the puzzles and events will require you to think outside of the box.

Image: Future Cat

When I say “think outside of the box”, I don’t just mean think outside of the box. This game requires you to do things outside of the software to progress in puzzles and area. You will have to go out of your way to find files and codes and such for aid on your file explorer or desktop. For some people, this feature scares people away from playing the game, but this unique concept is the best thing about OneShot.

Image: Future Cat

Whilst the gameplay does break the fourth wall, I can’t neglect the story. By the end of the game, it feels like you have a genuine connection with Niko as you both interact with each other. The story left me having mixed emotions. It was like I was being punched in the face and kissed at the same time. It was sad, but in a happy way. I find it extremely hard to describe the story without giving away the plot of the whole game, so I will just let you play this beauty of a game for yourself.

I have recommended playing OneShot to many people, and I recommend you give it a go too. This game is amazing, no questions asked. Do not spoil the game for yourself, don’t Google stuff unless you have been stuck on something for a long time, but go in blind and enjoy.

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