TheGaymer is More Than Just a Typical Gay Gamer.

The first video game that TheGaymer, a proud transwoman, played was Minecraft which she played at a young age. While Minecraft is a popular first game for many people, the most memorable video game she remembers playing when she was younger was Skylanders. TheGaymer just saw video games as “something cool that was there to do”, so she played games.

After asking about her favorite video game, TheGaymer expressed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild was exciting because of the freedom you have to do what you want. “Like, I could technically go fight this dude over here, but I don’t have to.” Although there are other video games that give you freedom and exploration, and although there are other Zelda games that may be fun too, riding around on a horse for hours on end in Zelda: BOTW just seems to be what makes TheGaymer happy.

Something that TheGaymer is passionate about is Dungeons and Dragons. Interacting with your friends using your own special characters and having a special person running it does sound like a very fun time. “It’s not like Zelda where there are a few set things. The story and events could go anywhere. The Dungeon Master has freedom. Video games can only do what they are coded to do.”

Dungeons and Dragons has had an impact on TheGaymer as a gamer. She honestly would prefer to play D&D than video games. “I like talking to humans. Sure, there are multiplayer games, but I have a old setup and I can’t see them in person when gaming.” TheGaymer also notes that if she had to drop gaming for a different hobby, she would choose to make dice. While she does see herself as an extroverted person sometimes, she also loves to spend days in her room by herself.

After this interview, I noticed that quite a few of the answers TheGaymer gave were on the topic of having freedom to do things in games or in Dungeons and Dragons. I went back and asked if she felt like her life is lacking freedom to do what she wants, and she said yes. “Every day is the same boring thing where I go through the same boring daily routine.” Even with video games and D&D, TheGaymer said that she was lacking the freedom to do other things and she is confined to doing the same things every day.

TheGaymer chose to join Level Up because she struggles with spelling and grammar. She has published articles about fighting, fantasy, anime and open world games. If you are interested on the articles she has on this website, you can view those articles here.

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