Kwoopa: musician, gamer, and more

Kwoopa is one of the OG writers for Yelling at Children. He has currently written five articles, on topics ranging from Splatoon to GTA. Kwoopa, despite being neurodivergent and photosensitive epileptic, still enjoys watching anime, and playing the drums.

Kwoopa started gaming on console, playing COD (Call Of Duty) Zombies and multiplayer. This was when he thought “I like this, I’m gonna do this like for the rest of my life.”

Kwoopa joined Level Up in 2021 because he’s a big fan of gaming, especially of open world games, and likes learning in an interesting way. Another reason is that Level Up is a more interesting variation of the traditional English subject.

As a writer at Yelling At Children, Kwoopa writes articles on various videogames and in different forms. He usually writes “whatever will be easie[st] to write.” His personal favourite article (at the time of writing this) is his Mortal Combat 11 Review. Within the article, Kwoopa explains in detail what makes the game good, and its flaws. The frequent use of images helps make the article look more interesting.

As previously mentioned, Kwoopa plays the drums. He has been playing them for four years (at the time of writing this) and is a member of the band “The HashBrowns.” In his four years of playing, he has become extremely skilled.

Some of the games Kwoopa plays are open world games, like GTA5 and RDR2. He likes them because of the side activities (like racing), exploring, and the range of different characters there are to meet.

As mentioned earlier, Kwoopa is neurodiverse (ADHD, ASD). Because of this, he can get off task easily. It is also one of the reasons that he often also likes gaming alone.

Kwoopa’s photosensitive epilepsy means that he can have seizures when there are flashing lights. Since he plays video games (with warnings for photosensitive viewers), this is a problem. “Imagine like being addicted to screens, but you have photosensitive epilepsy”.

Kwoopa is unsure of what the future holds for him. For instance, he may not be focused on gaming anymore, and instead focus more on music.

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