Nuclear43: Writer, gamer and maths enthusiast

Nuclear43, or any of his other many stage names, is one of our second year Yelling at Children writers and main editorial staff.  He’s an average dude whose love for video games, math and modding has propelled him into his peak. His main schtick is writing about maths and mods, with his main article being the equivalent of a university maths exam. Other articles are more to do with niche games and mods for said games, like with his Bloons fangame review or his Battle Cats mod pack article.

He writes specifically about this stuff for several reasons, from his hobbies and frequently played games to his family and his love for maths. His main article, as mentioned above, is the equivalent of a maths textbook. It focuses on Googology which is the study of especially large numbers, with the word ‘googol’ in its name (A googol is ten to the power of one hundred, so one hundred zeroes. It’s also the inspiration for Google’s name.) His love for math stems from the fluency he’s had since a young age, which snowballed into a hobby in its own right.

Almost everything to do with his ‘games journey’ came about with time with some games and genres being introduced by friends or media, and some simply evolving from pre-existing strengths. Notably, his love for programming has a lot to do with his love for maths, and similarly with his modding hobby. One of the first games that really impressed him was an old flash RPG by the name of ‘Monster Frontier’ (Not to be confused with the idle game of the same name) which is an obscure title with a unique combat system, the closest comparison I can find is LISA (A semi-obscure RPGmaker game with a similar combat system, but as far as I can tell the similarities end there.)

To him, the difference between a good game and a bad game is clearly visible. Games with no creativity ceiling like with sandboxes and math centred coding games appeal to him, with proof in his handful of Terraria mods and his love for math-based video games. On the other hand, games that are pointlessly grindy for artificial ‘difficulty’ like Destiny or Ordinal Markup, the latter being the bigger offender as there aren’t even any microtransactions to bypass the artificial difficulty curve, making it totally pointless.

Level Up to him, like with many other of our writers, is an avenue for him and others to funnel their hobbies into something cohesive and productive for their education, as well as improving other important literary skills in a way that’s interesting and engaging. He originally entered the writer’s team with the intent of sharing his hobbies as well as improving his literary skills like many others. So far, he’s improved with his sentence structures and punctuation to a professional degree, and he’s powered his passion with things he’s interested in.

Success in the Yelling At Children journalist environment has been quite frequent for him, as he holds the record for the most popular article by far. He relies on niches and specifics for his article topics, like mod packs and obscure fangames for example. Since Yelling at Children is a relatively underground website, topics that focus on popular mainstream subjects like Triple-A releases or company drama end up being covered up by other sites, and as such, things that go under their radar is what thrives here, and clearly Nuclear43 has cracked this code.

Evidently, he has risen to one of the best and most popular writers within Yelling At Children with the record of most popular article on the site. In future, it’s safe to assume that he’ll only get better on his road to success.

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