NOVEX: More than a Car Lover

N0VEX is a member of the writing team, and one of the OG’s who’s been here at Yelling At Children for two years. He’s 14 years old and has a family of his two parents, who are now divorced, and a younger brother. When I spoke to N0VEX, his voice was calm and quiet, but even as quiet as it was his love for cars seemed to be clear. When he was younger, he had to have an operation. This day was also the first day he played Minecraft which he used to distract himself from what was going on, which he told me worked quite well.

When they were older, he played Fortnite with his brother. Which, he admitted to me during the interview, he found quite boring, and also believed that his brother was getting addicted to it. But he’s still going to keep trying to play with his brother although it might be hard considering he considers the game to have “fallen off and really crazy at the moment.”

As of the time being, N0VEX is currently enjoying a number of shooters, cars and drifting video games, which are also car games. He also takes joy in games that involve a lot of speed, hence the enjoyment for “drifting” games, like in Apex Legends, where his favourite character is Octane. N0VEX Enjoys them because they allow him to “move fast in and out of scenarios if [he is] in trouble.” The platform that he usually plays on is Xbox, as it’s the first platform he ever played on, with an Xbox 1S being the first one he ever played. He’s had a go at other platforms, trying out PlayStation and PC. The latter he’s enjoyed, but it wasn’t as familiar as the Xbox controller he’s used to.

One of his greatest experiences was when he was playing Apex Legends. He was trying to get four kills in the game and was having difficulty. Eventually, he met a group of helpful, nice players who boosted him and gave him the backup to achieve his goal. He seemed very satisfied with this, able to get all the rewards he wanted, but told me that meeting helpful players like this can be a rare occurrence.

As good as the gaming experience can be, it can never perfect. N0VEX has also had bad experiences. One that he remembers the most, which just so happened to also be in Apex Legends was when he logged on with some random people and was just casually playing the game, but suddenly one of the people blurted out what he presumed was the home address of one of the other players. He was shocked, and  “has never left a server so fast in [his] life”.

Deciding to become a writer for Yelling at Children last year, N0VEX has stuck with it and writes about his favourite games at the moment which are usually car games. This includes the article he is most proud of which is entitled Forza Horizon. After playing the game for a long time, he’s happy to finally be able to write about it.

N0VEX always enjoyed cars, he grew up with them. He always enjoyed the sounds cars make. It’s a partial factor to why he plays car games: because he can experience cars that he would normally never afford. In the future, he plans to get into the industry and looks forward to working with them. If he’s unable to do that, he may consider entering the construction industry.

Gaming has provided him with the opportunity to do things that he would never have the chance to do in real life. “Gaming is just an escape from my average life.I’m able to do things that I would always dream to do. If I wanted to play a car game, I would probably be playing in my dream car because I probably wouldn’t be able to afford it real life.” Through the use of gaming, he is able to experience and race cars that he would never normally have the chance to in real life, to race and fight and drive (something he hopes to do really soon).

Looking towards the future, N0vex has told me he wants to get better and evolve at his favourite games, to learn new techniques, methods, and to play different genres of games. He personally is thinking of checking out sandbox games. He may also be trying another form of gaming: board games, to see how they are compared to computer games. Unfortunately, N0VEX not be with us at YaC next year, so we will be bidding farewell to yet another OG.

By TheVoidSearcher

When TheVoidSearcher isn't writing stories or correcting people grammar, he's often playing whatever game suits him at the time.

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