Dream Flash demo 19

Dream Flash is a rogue-like bullet hell game created by RamafParty. It was recently updated to the 19th demo, which added a new boss, new music, resprites, and made the game easier to mod. As of now, the game has not fully released yet, but the demo is currently available on Steam. The gameplay consists of moving between rooms to fight bosses or get items. Room types are indicated by the mini map in the corner of the screen although there is a main map which can be accessed by pressing “M”. You move between rooms by teleporting past the room’s boundary whilst there are no active bosses in the room. Teleporting is a key part of the game (thanks, Manic Wall Mage) that is done by right clicking.

A major part of Dream Flash is the status, which can be changed by obtaining items or defeating certain bosses. There are three main parts, two of which are spoilers that will not be discussed in this article. The main stats are vitality, strength, perception, dexterity, and essence, which effect other things within the game. Vitality effects health, strength effects damage, perception effects teleporting, dexterity effects mobility and attacks, and essence effects essence (obviously). Throughout the game, you will move through (as of now) four major levels, each one with its own bosses, music, and appearance. In addition to this, (so far) three of them have final bosses, which, as you may expect, I won’t be spoiling for you in this review.

Dream Flash is a pretty good game. It’s challenging, but not unfairly so (at least most of the time). It has a lot of content, and even though I’ve played it for a while, I still haven’t found all the Items or unlocked all the [SPOILER]s. My biggest issue with the game is the RNG. You can get entirely screwed over by it which can be annoying. Say you’ve gotten far in a run and you get a small arena with a lot of spikes and a difficult boss — it’s all over. Other than RNG, there are a few frustrating bosses or times when items don’t do what you want them to. The balancing of the game could also be improved.

Overall, Dream Flash is a fun to play game, but it can be frustrating sometimes. I would recommend it to those who like a decently hard game or are fans of the genre.

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