Star Wars Vader Immortal Ep1 – VR 

Star Wars: Vader Immortal is a Star Wars Virtual Reality (VR) game. This is one out of three parts, and they all have a story line and a campaign which is linked to the Star Wars universe.

In this game, you can do two things. One is the campaign mode, which is very immersive, but it’s very short. The second thing that you can do is play the dojo mode, which has you fight waves of different types of enemies which get harder every time you finish a wave.

Although there are lots of Star Wars games to compare on VR like Star Wars Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, Vader Immortal is not as repetitive even though it is set in the same universe.

To succeed in the game, in Episode One you need to use your virtual lightsaber and fight your way to an ancient temple. There you will meet and talk to a mysterious elder and obtain the Kyber crystal which is the crystal for a lightsaber that emits the color and strength. Once you have assembled your new lightsaber using the Kyber crystal it is foretold you have the power to lead others into battle.

If you like action and adventure, this game might be a good game for you. It is set in the Star Wars universe, and because it is using Virtual Reality technology, it feels realistic. Die-hard Star Wars fans will be amazed.

When you are immersed in the V R world of this game, the atmosphere can sometimes be ominous because you are in a pitch-black area with only a small lightsaber as your light source. Swinging it around reveals your opponents and you must duck, weave and block. This is an exciting part of the game.

Although the game is short, it has a lot of cool features and different modes to play in. It has enough content to make you excited to play and want to purchase Parts Two and Three.

Star Wars: Vader Immortal (Virtual Reality) is a lightsaber fighting game that allows you to embark on a journey into the Star Wars universe as if you were there. Even though there is a lack of content in the campaign mode, with two modes to play it is still worth the purchase price. If you enjoy swinging a saber to defeat your opponents and save the galaxy, this game is a must have on virtual reality.

May the Force be with you. Always.

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