Glitches Explained

Everybody knows what a glitch is, something that happens in a game that should not happen, sometimes helpful sometimes not. They are mostly temporary and are caused by errors in the OS, bugs or viruses, or the application itself.

Most of the glitches that occur are temporary, which means they will only last for a limited amount of time, sometimes short and sometimes long. There are glitches that are permanent, and these will keep harming your computer until you find a solution to fix the glitch. These glitches will do permanent damage and possible show you the Blue Screen of Death.

You must find and get rid of these glitches before they do any harm to your computer. First restart the application that the glitch exists on. If that does not work try restarting your computer, if the Glitch still exists after you have tried both steps, look for help from computer experts.

Glitches are errors that should not happen, and software developers try to eliminate these glitches, but glitches are close to impossible to get rid of. So should keep your computer hardware clean on the inside and outside. And do not go onto any shady websites, you should probably try to avoid those. Probably the cause of the whole problem.

By reign117

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