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7dx is an organization that works on implementing VR (Virtual Reality) into helping the society grow. There are many jobs that require years of training before you can apply for them, such as working with many electrical appliances that control society. They have also set up facilities here in Australia as the government is a client of theirs. This method of learning can help the person involved learn faster and can be a lot cheaper than what we have in our industries to train people for their jobs today. 

7dx with its expertise in VR simulations can use it to simulate dangerous real-life jobs for training employees. Many failures in jobs like these are costly and can cause permanent damage to the industry. This is a really good idea because it does not take long or cost as much to setup scenarios for the job applicants. This also will speed up the process of how the industries do things and just might create more jobs to set up and run the programs. 

Luckily, the Australian government is a client of 7dx which means we could be seeing this be implemented in the next few years or so. This could be a really good investment as going through real preparations can be expensive and time consuming. 7dx has a lot of other clients in Australia which means your workplace might be seeing this be implemented as something integral to your organization. The idea has come a long way since it was started.  

All of this is just a VR game and the situations in real life can be lethal. Unfortunately, VR is merely just a basic guide, consequences can be easily triggered in real life. There are many factors to include if VR is going to a be a heavily used platform for businesses and other organizations. First there is the problem with how many devices there are going to be connected to the servers. There is going to be a lot of lag and latency, there is going to be a lot of money spent in the process of building more servers. There are many more factors industries are going to have to consider to be perfected.  

Although VR is a good way to train new employees in their work, it has a lot more room to improve, before it is perfected and can be implemented into organizations at an affordable price. This can improve companies beyond many expectations and create many records for those organizations that can find a way to implement this into a part of their company. VR can be helpful for those companies that need it and can be helpful for their clients as well.  

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