Apple Watch Pong Review

Apple Watch Pong is the best game to come to a device so small. With so many game modes no one can be bored again!

With three difficulties, this game can be surprisingly challenging. With easy, medium and hard mode it will keep you entertained for hours on end anywhere you go! Easy is where the bot (the other paddle) just moves up and down the playing field at an extremely slow speed. Once you beat the easy bot by getting ten wins, you unlock the medium bot.

Image: Apple

The medium bot changes direction based on where the ball is heading towards in the field, it anticipates your moves and moves accordingly to defend and attack against you.

The hard bot is faster than you and will defend and save every shot you take! It also picks the oddest angles to shoot at you from to make it almost impossible to defend. Truly it is the hardest bot to defeat out of all bots, but after defeating this the player receives a reward.! The reward is customization, which lets you make the field any color you want You can also change the field paddles and so much more.

After the hard bot, comes a special game mode called Breakout! Breakout is a game mode where you can use your paddle and ball to destroy wonderful pieces of art in whatever fashion you want! Currently, Breakout only has 25 different art pieces to absolutely wreck.

Another interesting feature is the verses feature, the versus feature is where you can fight other real-life players by connecting your mobile phone and downloading the app.

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